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Special Aid Offered By Rakesh Rajdev To The Suffering Families During COVID-19

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Special Aid Offered By Rakesh Rajdev To The Suffering Families During COVID-19

Food Distribution – During the COVID-19 pandemic time, food scarcity reached a great height. Rakesh Rajdev understood the hunger issues in society and took several projects to control the situation. He ensured the distribution of food to people from various regions in India.

A large number of meal packages reached the sufferers during the COVID-19 pandemic time by the step taken by Rakesh. We can say that many people ate meals during the pandemic time due to the step taken by Rakesh Rajdev with his charity and social welfare organization namely Kanuda Mitr Mandal.

Medical Assistance – Also, many hospitals and medical centres were jammed due to COVID-19-positive patients. To cope with this heart-wrenching condition, Rakesh Rajdev offered beds, testing kits, sanitizers and other medical equipment to various medical centres and hospitals.

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Also, Shri Rakesh Rajdev arranged luxurious rooms for the frontline heroes and the paramedical staff so that they can take rest and continue offering treatment to COVID-19-positive patients.

Educational Aid – Students are the future of the nation. But it’s sad to know that knowledgeable children discontinue their education due to poverty. Especially poor families were affected badly by the lockdown and students were not able to continue their education.

To support them during this time, Rakesh Rajdev provided them with school bags, lunch boxes, water bottles, notebooks and other necessary stationery things for the deserving students. He also offered meal packages to deserving students and ensured that they have a better educational journey.

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Grocery Packages – As the government of India imposed a lockdown nationwide, a large number of people suffered a lot since they couldn’t go to work. Especially daily wagers were affected a lot. To offer them a lot, Rakesh Bhai Rajdev offered them meal packages and grocery packages so that they will not suffer from hunger issues.

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