rakesh rajdev

Rakesh Rajdev – An Exceptional Person Offers Special Aid For The Society

There are several helping hands offered to society in India. One among them is Rakesh Rajdev who acts as a supportive hand for many people through his social welfare organization namely Kanda Mitra Mandal.

Activities Carried Out by Rakesh for Aiding Society:

1. Food Distribution – One of the major works of Rakesh for society was mainly during the COVID-19 pandemic time. The world entered into lockdown to control the spread of the virus. But this led to an increase the food scarcity in many countries, especially in India. Hence, Rakesh Rajdev thought of controlling this situation and helping the people meet their hunger issues.

He ensured to supply of a large number of food boxes to various areas in the country. A large number of meal boxes were sent to the sufferer’s hometown itself by train. Many people had food during the lockdown and pandemic time of the remarkable step taken by Rakesh Rajdev through his welfare organization Kanuda Mitra Mandal.

rakesh rajdev

2. Medical Support – During the same time, the medical centres and the hospitals were filled with COVID-positive patients. This made the medical staffs face a difficult time in offering treatment to the patients. Hence, Rakesh Bhai Rajdev sent the beds, testing kits, sanitisers and other necessary medical equipment to various medical centres and hospitals so that they can continuously offer treatment to the people

3. Assistance to the Labour Community – Also, the labour community suffered a lot during the pandemic time. Hence, Rakesh Rajdev offered a helping hand to those people in many ways. He sent meal packages and grocery packages to the people so that they will not suffer from hunger issues. He also sent sanitisers so that they can be safe during the pandemic time.

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