rakesh rajdev

Rakesh Rajdev – A Businessman Who Cares About Social Wellbeing

Rakesh Rajdev is a highly passionate humankind who strives hard for the well-being of society. He run a social welfare organization namely Kanuda Mitra Mandal for over 11+ years. With his social welfare organization, he supported many families and people.

He stands for downtrodden families and helps them lead better lives. He took many projects through his social welfare organization so that it will bring positive change in their life.

Rakesh is a name of kindness, goodwill and humbleness in the Indian scenario. He is an owner of a three-star hotel namely Roma Kristo Hotel, Dwarka. The elite class family members and celebrities usually visit the hotel to spend a good time and enjoy a variety of delicious foods here.

rakesh rajdev

But Rakesh Rajdev always thought about the people in society who sleep with an empty stomach. He always thought about the people whose stomach is empty the whole day and thought that they should also fulfil their basic needs. Hence he decided to become a supportive organ for those people and families who are unable to meet their expenses.

During the COVID-19 pandemic time, many people got stuck in their working place. Hence Rakesh Rajdev arranged the transportation options so that they can reach their hometown safely. For the kids and children, he offered snacks and food so that they will not suffer from hunger during the travel.

With a great motto, Rakesh Rajdev started the social welfare organization namely Kanuda Mitra Mandal. This NGO is famous among the people since it is the most dynamic and working NGO which continuously works in uplifting society without any cause. This organization is a government-registered organization which was started in November 2011.

For the people, he sent grocery packages, food packages and sanitizing materials to their hometown so that they will not sleep on an empty stomach and will be safe during the pandemic time.

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