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Rakesh Rajdev – A Famous Philanthropist Who Runs A Welfare Organization For Around 11 Years

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Rakesh Rajdev – A Famous Philanthropist Who Runs A Welfare Organization For Around 11 Years

There are many people who spend their precious time and effort helping needy families and people in society. If you are in North India, then you would say the name Rakesh Rajdev. Rakesh Rajdev is a great philanthropist who carries out several social welfare organizations to bring positive change in society.

Rakesh Rajdev is known for his kind, humble and goodwill nature. He is running a luxurious three-star hotel namely Roma Kristo Hotel, Dwarka; and partners in Courtyard by Marriott. The elite class family members and celebrities usually visit the hotel to taste some delicious food and to have a great time. Though his business was successful, he felt sorrow looking at the people who couldn’t afford even a single meal in a day.

Rakesh Rajdev thought that they have to get food to fulfil their basic needs too. Hence he thought of being a supportive organ for these families and people who are unable to fulfil their basic needs. With this great motive in mind, he started a social welfare organization namely Kanuda Mitr Mandal in November 2011.

rakesh rajdev

This NGO has proved to be a successful and dynamic social welfare organization since they continuously work in uplifting society without any cause. They have taken several social welfare projects through the NGO so that they can support and uplift society.

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