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Projects Carried Out By Rakesh Rajdev (રાકેશ રાજદેવ) During Pandemic Season

rakesh rajdev (રાકેશ રાજદેવ)

Projects Carried Out By Rakesh Rajdev (રાકેશ રાજદેવ) During Pandemic Season

We all know that many NGOs and individuals came forward to help needy people during the COVID-19 pandemic season. Rakesh Rajdev (Gujarati: શ્રી રાકેશ રાજદેવ, Hindi: श्री राकेश राजदेव) is one of them who actively supported the people during this time. He has a helping hand of companions with him and made many things possible for needy people during the pandemic season.

He has a government-registered NGO namely Kanuda Mitr Mandal. With this NGO he carried out the projects such as:

1. Food Distribution – During the spread of COVID-19, the world went through a lockdown season. During this time, there was food scarcity which made the lives of many people challenging. To control this situation as much as he can and to meet the hunger issues of the people, he ensured to distribute the food packages to the needy people. Rakesh Rajdev also sends grocery packages to many families in their home town by train. Also, a large number of meal boxes were sent so that they can meet the people’s hunger issues.

2. Medical Assistance – Hospitals and emergency centres were filled with people during the pandemic season. The centres ran out of beds and testing kits, hence to cope with this situation he offered beds and testing kits for the hospitals. He also provided them with sanitizing kits and other medical equipment so that they can use them for the patients. Apart from these, he arranged for a luxurious room for the doctors and other medical staff so that they can help the people who are suffering at the right time after a small rest for themselves.

3. Educational Help – Students were also affected during this season. Hence Shri Rakesh bhai Rajdev offered school bags, water bottles, lunch boxes, notebooks and other necessary things for the students so that they can continue their education.

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