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Facts About Rakesh Rajdev And His Social Welfare Activities

rakesh rajdev

Facts About Rakesh Rajdev And His Social Welfare Activities

Rakesh Rajdev is a humble and kind-hearted person who is well-known in North India for his social welfare activities. He is a goodwill person who spends his time and efforts for the betterment of society. He runs a business in North India and is a successful businessman too.

He runs a three-star hotel in Dwarka namely Roma Kristo Hotel. The hotel is famous among elite-class family members and celebrities. Many people come to this hotel and relish the delicious foods available there. He is also a partner in Courtyard by Marriott.

His business was successful but he felt sorrow for the people who face hunger issues. He thought about the people who don’t have a chance to eat a meal for the whole day. He understood that they need to fulfil their basic needs too. Hence he decided to support these people. He started the social welfare organization which is government-registered.

rakesh rajdev

They offer a supportive hand for several families and people who are unable to meet their basic needs in life. With this great motto, Rakesh Rajdev severe society in many ways. He sends food packages and grocery packages to needy families and people so that they can meet their daily needs. The NGO was initiated by Rakesh and his family in November 2011 with the name Roma Kristo Hotel.

It is a well-known social welfare organization among the people since it’s a dynamic organization. With this organization, Rakesh Rajdev took on several projects for the welfare of society. He helps families and people from different classes of society.

Especially their works were remarkable during the COVID-19 pandemic season. They sent many people who were struck during the lockdown to their home town. Also, packages, grocery packages and sanitizing kits by train to many people’s hometowns itself so that they can cope with the situation.

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