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Rakesh Rajdev – A Social Worker Who Works Sincerely

rakesh rajdev

Rakesh Rajdev – A Social Worker Who Works Sincerely

Despite more middle-class and lower-middle-class families living in our society, some families still struggle to meet their basic needs. We can say that it is the other’s responsibility to provide for such families.

If you are in North India, then you will know about Rakesh Rajdev and his team. As part of their mission to uplift society, Rakesh and his team work in different sectors of society and make all necessities accessible to everyone. The organization carries out a wide array of social welfare activities so that the people can receive support from them in many ways.

Rakesh bhai Rajdev‘s volunteer journey:

In order to support these families and people, Rakesh Rajdev offered aid in a variety of forms.

Labor community charity – The labour community is the most disadvantaged group in society. People live hand to mouth and struggle to meet their basic needs. Especially during the COVID-19 lock down, they suffered greatly.

He therefore offered food packages, grocery packages, and sanitizing materials to the suffering people and families to help them cope with the difficult time. Rakesh ensured that all of these aids were sent safely to their hometown through 34 trains, so that COVID would not spread.

It was not only the people and families who faced many challenges during this time that received charity from hospitals and medical centers. In order for the hospital staff to offer treatment to COVID-positive patients, Rakesh Rajdev provided beds, testing kits, sanitizing materials, and other necessary medical equipment.

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