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Rakesh Rajdev – A Person Who Strive For Social Well-Being For Over 11+ Years

Rakesh Rajdev

Rakesh Rajdev – A Person Who Strive For Social Well-Being For Over 11+ Years

Rakesh Rajdev is a person who strives hard for 11+ years by running a social welfare organization called Kanuda Mitr Mandal. He always stands for uplifting society,especially helping needy people and families in society.

Shri Rakesh bhai Rajdev is located in Gujarat, Rajkot. His NGO Kanuda Mitr Mandal is the medium which supports countless families in society. They especially offer support to people and families who couldn’t fulfill their basic needs in life.

They offer financial assistance to the people and students who suffer due to poverty. Rajdev family supports needy people and families in many ways. Being an owner of a luxurious three-star hotel Roma Kristo Hotel, Dwarka he is a renowned businessman.

The elite class family members usually visit the hotel to have a great time and taste the delicious food. But he felt sorry for many people whose stomach is empty the whole day. He thought that it needs to fill too. Hence he decided to be a supportive organ for those people and families who are unable to meet their daily expenses.

With this great motto, Rakesh Rajdev initiated a social welfare organization through which they support countless families and people. This NGO was started in November 2011 with the name Kanuda Mitr Mandal. The NGO has proved to be the best, most dynamic and working for uplifting society without any cause.

During the COVID-19 pandemic time, food scarcity reached a great hype. To control the situation and meet the hunger issues of the people, he ensured food distribution to various regions of India. A large number of food packages were sent to the suffering people’s hometowns itself so that they will not suffer from any hunger issues. Shri Rakesh Rajdev also visited nearby places to motivate them.

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